Customer stories

Graham Clark is the owner of Greeny Grow operates a 180 square meter indoor farm. “We have put a lot of thought into how we would utilize the space as components arrived.  They all sit on a heavy-duty frame fitted onto wheels which also incorporates a water tank and pump. The power supply comes from the roof keeping the floor clear. Each level has a 1 square meter growing area, and we have some 45 square meters filling up as demand comes. For salads and working with Growpipes, we settled on a four-frame system, each capable of holding some 306 plants. Greeny Grow can meet the big Swedish demands for greens thanks to its unique cultivation system. Graham notes that they looked at different salad production systems, and realized they needed something simple and cost-effective. “Growpipes accommodate all of that. This is a simple ‘Lego’ type of system, easy to assemble, disassemble and extend upwards.” All components can be washed in a dishwasher and plant locks are sterilized daily after harvest. Thanks to the modifications they made, Greeny Grow now has an additional plant in the middle of the four surrounding plants. When they’re cleaned it’s easy to separate each tower into its eighteen individual pieces, explains Graham.

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